Rhythm Of Fire – Tribal Fire Show

Rhythm Of Fire

A fire dancing and drumming trio with live percussion and a tribal flare

Combining fire, dance and live percussion, Rhythm Of Fire is a captivating tribal-themed performance that stimulates and heightens the senses for all ages, indoors and out.

 Tribal fire and drum show


Using equipment from around the world: staffs, poi, ropes, hoops, fans, drums and incorporating Kung Fu and synchronised dance routines, Rhythm Of Fire is an electrifying  show filled with excitement.

Rhythm Of Fire will provide a marvel exhibition, keeping people on the edge of their seats!

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You may book additional fire performers, drummers and other musicians to suit your events needs and budget.  

To create your own show send us a message with your Ideas. We will work closely with you to create an unforgettable experience.  

An excellent Tribal spectacle for shows around Australia. Book now to receive a discounted price. Just enter this Code GT667.



Performances –

Main stage show | Roving entertainment | Meet and greet as guests arrive

Main stage show duration – 15 minutes

Bamboo stage construction additional cost please contact for more information 

Space requirements for performance;

3 x 3 meters of clear space on flat a level surface (More space the better)

3 x 3 meters in all directions of any combustable material

Risk Assessment given before each performance

All performers are insured with $20M Public Liability Insurance

Equipment checked before every performance

Fire extinguisher and fire blanket supplied by Energy Entertainments for every show

All shows can be adapted to suit the events needs

We promise a safe professional performance every time!

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FAQ's found at our 'Contact Us' page

$20M Public Liability Insurance | Risk Assessments | $20M Public Property Insurance | 100% Safety Record | MSDS & SWMS Forms available for every performance.

We provide a professional service from start to finish, no hassle, just good communication, reliability and a breathtaking spectacle every time! We can’t wait to work with you.

Every performer working with Energy Entertainments will present themselves in a professional and respectful manner, guaranteed every time. We only work with professionals. 

Energy Entertainments have a variety of shows, acts and workshops to choose from. If you don't see what you are looking for we can create the theme, style or length you are looking for. We work with you to provide you with the entertainment you are looking for.