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Over 18 years experience Working In Events  Worldwide

With over 18 years experience working with various artists and event organisers globally, Energy Entertainments always delivers the highest standard of shows. Specialising in high-energy wow-factor fire entertainment and providing speciality entertainers for events and celebrations, we are always searching for the new, the original and the next best thing in entertainment, we love making events better and surprising the guests with something they've never seen before. By providing a professional service from start to finish with good communication we deliver a highly entertainingly experience on every occasion.

Energy Entertainments started in Ibiza Spain in 2009 and have been growing and building experience ever since. Supplying entertainers and designing even concepts for different clients worldwide we have a very broad scope of what is available and what works. We believe anything is possible with the right people.

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The team at Energy are always searching for the next project and adventure, pushing the boundaries to create the next video, capture the next unique picture in a breathtaking place, collaborating with other passionate artists who are pushing the boundaries in their field.

Staying active and creative on the Gold Coast of Australia, Energy Entertainments are able to perform nationally and internationally for any event or celebration. All of our performers are passionate and enjoy making each event the best it can be! Our goal is to create the best possible upbeat show with a safe but exhilarating experience for everyone.

We also offer Corporate Team Building Workshops for different organisations. By understanding the importance of staying switched on and focused during long conferences and seminars, our Body Flow workshops will help attendees absorb more information by keeping them active with brain training exercises, movement, juggling, martial arts and different circus and team-building games.

Check out our Body Flow Team-Building Page Here..

We have also found a passion and drive to keep children active and healthy while having fun. Our children are the future and we want to be part of their evolution and development. The classes focus on various different techniques and skills but all with the same goal in mind; to improve their balance, spacial awareness, reaction speeds and hand-eye coordination so they can live a healthy active life. At Energy Entertainments we don’t spread ourselves to thin and forget about the core elements of the company, we work with like-minded people who care about what they do.

We guarantee a professional service from start to finish, don’t take our word have a look at what our clients have to say. Be the change you wish to see and go for what you believe in, we are here for a short time so make a difference. I hope we can share our passions with you.

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$20M Public Liability Insurance | Risk Assessments | $20M Public Property Insurance | 100% Safety Record | MSDS & SWMS Forms available for every performance.

We provide a professional service from start to finish, no hassle, just good communication, reliability and a breathtaking spectacle every time! We can’t wait to work with you.

Every performer working with Energy Entertainments will present themselves in a professional and respectful manner, guaranteed every time. We only work with professionals. 

Energy Entertainments have a variety of shows, acts and workshops to choose from. If you don't see what you are looking for we can create the theme, style or length you are looking for. We work with you to provide you with the entertainment you are looking for.