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Martial Fire Show & Ninja Workshop 

Our most popular children's entertainment show is 'Martial Fire'. Kids love ninjas and they love the magic of fire, when combined they truly believe they are watching super hero's in action. Before each show we give a full fire safety briefing and have a discussion with children about the dangers of fire and what to do when encountering this raging element. The problems it causes and how most common fires start. We also discuss the amazing benefits fire has on the world, like Pizza!

Martial Fire have performed all over the country for adults and children and still haven't had a bad word said about the show. Martial Fire has entertained at Festivals, Religious Celebrations, School Fetes, QPAC, HOTA, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Dreamworld, Fringe Festivals and many more private events and celebrations nationwide. We can customise the show to be dressed as Ninjas, Cos Play Characters or any request chosen. We promise to provide a safe but exciting show. 

We also offer Martial Arts workshops with the show. The children can learn the art of Martial Arts, Baton Twirling, Poi and Tai Chi. For more information about our workshops visit our CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP PAGE

Kit Kaboodle - Circus Show Entertainment

Are you looking for the ultimate kid's circus entertainment? Have the party guests in fits of laughter? Be amazed by the skills of circus; Balloon Twisting, Juggling, Balance Tricks, Comedy and so much more! Rhett is the best in the business and has been a circus performer since the age of 9! To say he has some tricks up his sleeve is an understatement. 

Testimonial: I wish Rhett could move in with us, it would make us all so much happier. He was amazing with the kids, they were in owe of him and all of his circus tricks. You couldn't of provided us with a better entertainer, thank you so much. 

Another Corporate style show by RhettStar -

You can also learn and check out Rhett's tricks here on YouTube.

Ninja Fire Show - Energy in Motion

A mesmerizing high-energy wow factor ninja fire show with dynamic movement, martial arts, gymnastics and dance. Includes special effects, sparks and exciting fire bursts for an all out upbeat martial arts fire show for all ages. 

Why not have a workshop before the show? Neal, Director of Energy Entertainments has been performing and teaching for over 20 years. He offers a 20-minute fire show along with a 1-hour workshop in either Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Flow Arts, Dragon Staff, Whip-Cracking, Poi, Baton Twirling and Team Building. Check out Neal & Rhetts corporate team building here.

Circus & Magic Show 

This non-stop action-packed kids show is hilariously funny and interactive. The show comes with a backdrop, big illusions, circus tricks, stunts and a whole lot of magic. This show is building momentum and hitting stages across the country. 

Circus Comedy Stunt Show

Joel is the ultimate comedy circus stuntman. He has performed all over the world entertaining children for 2 decades. His show is hilarious, witty, amazingly skilful and extremely dangerous. And kids love it! 

The Ultimate Duo Circus Show 

Duo circus show involving acrobatics, juggling, hula hoops, adagio, rolla bolla, balancing tricks, dance and many prop manipulations. This show will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Blaze The Magician 

Blaze has over two decades of entertainment experience, from amazing billionaires in Hollywood to performing magic at The Gold Coast Show! His family friendly comedy magic show is an experience you don't want to miss! And the grand finale, an impossible tablecloth pulling stunt, never attempted by anyone else in the world!

Specialty Childrens Entertainment , Acts & Shows

Magic shows | Stunt Shows | Drumming | Comedy Circus | Mermaids Story Telling | Hula Hoop Shows | And So Much More 

Event managed and talent sourced by Energy Entertainments. Tip the Talent was an extremely successful event held at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. 


Speciality Acts and Roving Characters

Available For Your Next Event/Celebration

Robot LED Shows | Hula Hooping Shows | Ballon Twisting | Mermaid Story Telling | Stilt Walkers | Workshops & So Much More!

Skoolyard Sh3nanigans

Skoolyard Sh3nanigans: Educational Children's Entertainment

What do you get when you cross an acrobatic circus performer, a martial arts flow-master and a silly story writer? Skoolyard Sh3nanigans! It’s hilarious, unbelievable and seriously silly. There’s juggling, balancing, air-bending, stories, flips, whips and sonic booms! Fun for boys and girls. School is boring. The schoolyard is where the fun happens! 

Topics of the show - Anti Bullying | Peer Pressure | Healthy Eating | Exercise

The themes addressed in Skoolyard Sh3nanigans are; anti-bullying & peer-pressurehealthy eating and exercise. We believe kids learn better while having fun, so these lessons are imparted in the most enjoyable way possible!’

Skoolyard Sh3nanigans can be adapted to suit any topic or even the current curriculum. By changing the script and the tricks we are able to produce a show that fits within the theme of your choice. 

Skoolyard Sh3nanigans debut show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021 was well received by adults and children. Over the 4 weeks of the worlds 'current' biggest festival, the team executed a flawless display of circus tricks flips and comedy. The show has very clear messages about anti bullying, peer pressure, healthy eating and exercise, the messages really made an impression to every audience member that watched the show. One of those audience members were 'Sea Do Eat Review' and luckily for the team a review was written. 

The review can be read here:

A few quotes from the review; "Schoolyard Shenanigans is one of those Fringe shows aimed at children, which gives the appearance that it’s all fun and games but behind it all are lessons about anti-bullying, encouraging others, eating right and staying fit and healthy."

"It’s quite enlightening to see children getting caught up in all the fun, totally unaware that they’re learning new things about life and a healthy diet."

"This is the type of show that would be perfect to take around to schools."


Along with the shows we also offer workshops for all ages. Chose a show and we can offer a workshop to suit.

Body Flow On Fire

Fire Show & Body Flow Workshop.

To start we offer an explanation about the dangers of fire and how important it is not play with fire. We also talk about the marvel of fire and how it's changed our world. 

Depending on the age of the children we either hold a workshop with the equipment used in the show, non-fire equipment or, if the children are older we get them to hold a fire stick and really understand and feel the power of fire. This can be an amazing confidence boost and a vital lesson not to play with fire in the future. Show & workshop can adapted to suit any event. 

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Every performer working with Energy Entertainments will present themselves in a professional and respectful manner, guaranteed every time. We only work with professionals. 

Energy Entertainments have a variety of shows, acts and workshops to choose from. If you don't see what you are looking for we can create the theme, style or length you are looking for. We work with you to provide you with the entertainment you are looking for.