Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building Workshops

Events require a lot of concentration, intent listening and attention. Guests can sometimes become tired, fatigued and unengaged. At Body Flow, we offer a way to activate the brain, stimulate the body and get the blood flowing in a fun and productive way before the corporate team building in gold coast heads back into their conference or seminar. 

What’s involved in Body Flows Team Building

  • Multi-tasking – Using both sides of the brain and body to be able to multi-task. The workshop starts with various individual tasks, then leads into partner and group activities. Multi-tasking is a great way to activate the mind and body on any given day or situation.
  • Problem-solving – Using batons to solve puzzles which are handed out on cards that range from easy to difficult. The team will need to work together to solve the puzzles and advance to the next stage. Will the team complete all of the tasks assigned in time? Baton twirling and baton balancing skills will also be taught during this section of the workshop. Focussed on individual accomplishment and team problem-solving tasks.
  • Tai Chi and Self Defence – Learning various breathing and relaxation techniques, body and posture alignments, grounding and self-defence practices. The group will move between different partners and learn various self-defence techniques and play tai chi games to build better balance and body awareness. This section is great for building confidence
  • Juggling and ball skills – Learning different ball tricks to increase hand to eye coordination, reaction speed and cognitive movement. After learning various tricks and competing against each other with single ball skills the team will progress to group games that increase in difficulty. The team will have to work together to advance to the next level.
  • Construction - The team will be split up into groups and given a time limit to create the tallest tower out of spaghetti pasta. This task has very deep lessons in collaboration. We advise the team to not rush into the structure but plan and discuss options within the team. The team with the tallest tower wins but a team with a standing structure at the end will still feel satisfied.

Our aim

Our aim is to build confidence within the team, stimulate and relax the mind, activate the body and switch on both sides of the brain while constructing corporate team building tasks, formulating problem- solving activities and playing fun group games to build stronger relationships in gold coast. We also want to teach the group about the core aspects of being a corporate team building entertainment and how to work together in the most productive way possible, to push their company forward and be the best they can be. 

Every workshop leader and performer has $20M Public Liability Insurance | $20M Public Property Insurance | 100% Safety Record Risk Assessments | MSDS & SWMS Forms available | A professional service from start to finish and breathtaking spectacle every time guaranteed.

What our clients had to say about us...


I just wanted to say a big thank you for Tuesday, you guys were awesome! The workshop was so much fun, the team learnt so many skills and the games were really interactive and beneficial. Thank you again.

Eleni Grigoriadou

Executive Assistant, Chatime


We hired Neal from Body Flow and he defiantly brought our team closer together and made us all realise some key points to work on in our business. The workshop was heaps of fun and I would recommend Body Flow to anyone who would like to hire a fun team building workshop that’s different to anything we had ever done before

Karen Hanly

Event Manager, North Burleigh Surf Club

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$20M Public Liability Insurance | Risk Assessments | $20M Public Property Insurance | 100% Safety Record | MSDS & SWMS Forms available for every performance.

We provide a professional service from start to finish, no hassle, just good communication, reliability and a breathtaking spectacle every time! We can’t wait to work with you.

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