Heart of Fire

I finally have time to thank everyone for their support, donations and awesomeness. The Heart of Fire project showcase at the Dust Temple was a flaming success. Myself, Gabrielle Fry and Elijah Cavanagh are very overwhelmed by the amount of love for our project.

We raised $1800 towards the project and only have around $17,000 left to go If anyone has any suggestions about how to generate the rest of the money we are always open to suggestions. Please let others know there are lots of rewards for donations towards the project. If you or you’re friends or even the company you work for are having an event then we can offer a high-energy fire show to amaze the guests of the event, all money paid for the show will go towards the project. All info about rewards can be found here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projec…/1315084537/heart-of-fire

Big thanks to John Wilson and Isla Wilson from the Dust Temple for your support and being the hostesses with the mostesses on the night. Big thank you to Beck Joan for fighting her way through the pain to carry on taking photographs, Beck you are amazing, thank you.
I want to thank Mick for kicking off the event, Juzzie Smith, Matthew Armitageand Mitchell King for playing and making the music at our event incredible. All of you rocked and it was a pleasure to have you there, thank you.
Also thank you to Trent Mcleod for all your help with Raffles. Phoebe Ayla for performing our awesome La fuente Fire show.

The biggest thank you needs to go to Pete Tonks, not only did he help set up all day, but performed, drummed, danced and as always lifted the atmosphere, thank you brother couldn’t have done it without you.

Also a huge thank you to everyone that donated towards the raffle. I will be phoning around this week to give people their amazing prizes so if I call you, you could be in for a prize!

Donations towards the raffle were from – Spent Clothing, Selkie, Tupe-Aloha,Open Mic at The Outcider, The Salt Mill, Quicksnips Currumbin, Currumbin Creek Tavern, Beck joan Photography, Photo PhotoGraphene, Follow Your Passion, Wave Of Your Life and Ged for his amazing Aztec fire god statue.

Thanks to everyone that supported the event and bought tickets we all had an amazing night in the hot n sticky heat. Shall we do it again before this campaign is over?

Jo Frances David Ardley Julian Lefebvre Fiona Lefebvre Sven Puetter Linda Puetter Joe Brown Lucy Montgomery Ariel Muntelwit Media Junkies John Martin Karen Martin, Scott Michael Finley, Clare Jessica King Beth Nev, Cathy Lumb-Bradford, Ruth Della, Samantha Morris, Lauren Hodge, Kurin Guest,Natasha Edwards, Nick Fawaz, Todd Cooper Becconsall, Cindy Jensen,David Leech, Vanessa Evanthia Karpouzli, Jim Fleming, Kathy Conforti, Dean C Bennett, Philipp Henseler, Eve Clare, Dee Steinfort, Matt Lees, Suki Kasinathan,


Turtle Bay show

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