How we raised the money

How we raised the money to begin filming the Heart of Fire Documentary.


Project fundraiser held at the Dust Temple, Currumbin QLD.

An event was held at the Dust Temple in Currumbin on Thursday 5th March. Doors opened at 6pm and there was a variety of amazing entertainment throughout the night. Fire shows, live music, comedy, videos, raffles and more! Big thanks to all the musicians that donated their time Juzzie Smith, Matthew Armitage, Mitch King, Mick the man and not to forget Pete Tonks. Thanks to Beck Joan for her photography and awesomeness, to the wonderful Gabrielle Fry for everything, Trent Mcleod for helping out with the raffle, everyone for showing up and having a great time, Ian Wright for your Comedy, Phoebe Alya for your fire, Josie Jupiter for your fire poi, Elijah Cavangh for filming and editing and John and Isla for having us at the Dust Temple. Great event and a great success, thank you.


Hof event collage

Sunrise Sessions

We started holding Sunrise Sessions on the beach at Currumbin. We would start with a fire show before the sun came up to live tunes played by Favourite Son followed by an hour of yoga and meditation. Our senses were focused on our surroundings and everyone had a great time. Big thank you from the Heart of Fire team for waking up so early and sharing the start of the new day with us.


Sunrise Session collage


We have also asked local businesses to sponsor the project. So far our sponsors are:


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The Heart of Fire team Neal Webb, Elijah Cavanagh and Gabrielle Fry have all put money towards the project as they believe they can create a beautiful story with fire, sound and film. The team have been working hard to capture an amazing documentary to the Heart of Fire dancing, post production is in full swing.

Heart of Fire production team



Its not to late, everyone and anyone can still sponsor the project by donating online through our website here @ Heart of Fire.

The heart of fire team would like to thank everyone that has been involved over the last 6 months, this dream could not become a reality without you guys.

Stay tuned and up to date at our Heart of Fire Project Facebook page. 


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