Our COVID Story From Energy Entertainments

Our COVID Story From Energy Entertainments
Fire Virus

“This year alone we’ve presented stunt shows, kids circus shows, martial arts performances, fire shows, adult comedy circus acts, adagio acts, aerial acts and the list goes on.” Below is our Covid Story.

It’s insane, we have gone from zero to hero and we are not complaining, the entertainment industry is booming. After the Australian forest fires at the end of 2019 and the start of 2022, Energy Entertainments lost 75% of its business, we specialize in fire entertainment and by the time the Rona 19 came knocking on Australian doors in March 2020, we lost the other 25% of circus, aerial and dance acts we provide.  Gutted was an understatement but we were healthy and faring better than the rest of the world was at this time so there was no reason to give up. Us humans are very good at adapting to new environments, and we believe there is always a silver lining and a lesson to be learnt from every experience.

Energy Entertainments Fire

We began to create online workshops and named the new project CircusFlow, combining flow arts and circus. We created a youtube channel, a Facebook and a whole new page for the website. We tried a few online shows for various corporate virtual events, but it was lacking the punch we deliver in our shows. We love Energy (obviously, the name says it all) and we love providing high-energy entertainment and that’s what we deliver. This sparked an idea to deliver upbeat fire shows for families on their front lawn. No need for the performer to enter the property or even make contact with anyone. The payment was made online, and the family were entertained while isolating in their home, perfect. Until the lockdowns really kicked in and police walked the beaches asking families to move on with automatic weapons. The sad thing is I’m not even joking!

Ignite single & Double staff

In March 2021 Energy Entertainments presented a children’s show called ‘Skoolyard Sh3nanigans’ at the Adelaide Fringe festival. This was the largest festival in the world happening at that time and we spent the whole month performing the show and watching International Australian legends present their acts. There really was so much inspiration to draw from.

By the end of June 2021 every Friday and Saturday night at NightQuarter on the Sunshine Coast, Energy Entertainments were contracted to supply fire, circus and variety shows; and we haven’t stopped since. It’s extremely helpful to keep a variety of performers on rotation, staying in tune with their craft and making money. There really is nothing better than real-life performances to keep each performer at the top of their game. The cues of a punch line, a pause, a music cue; or even a look in the right direction with a cheeky smile can spark an applause from the audience.

This year alone we’ve presented stunt shows, kids circus shows, martial arts performances, fire shows, adult comedy circus acts, adagio acts, aerial acts and the list goes on. We’ve also been holding workshops in martial arts, flow toys, fire spinning and dance. So, Energy Entertainments are very grateful for the opportunity to keep so many performers fresh and at the top of their game, this especially helps our other amazing clients we work with annually or periodically throughout the year.

Energy Entertainments also began working with Velvet Rope Ignite teaching dragon staff, poi, single and double baton twirling with fire. This 6-week course covers the fundamentals of each prop and as many tricks as we can fit into each class. Every student receives a music track to choreograph a short performance too, they have a week to create the act, and without fire, each student presents their piece. We break down and discuss each act, what makes a good performance, the performer’s posture and energy on stage, and their emotions and interactions with the audience. We also discuss entering and exiting the stage, queuing music and talking to the sound engineer in the venue, what to do if something goes wrong and how to act.

The following week each performer will present their act on fire, where we talk safety, and there’s a lot of safety! What fuels can be used, what clothing to wear, safely lighting and extinguishing each piece of equipment when on stage, where to fuel props and which fire extinguishers to use etc ect. The final class is a chance to express, and practice the skills learnt over the course and, to ask any final questions to their workshop leader.

It’s been a breath of fresh air knowing that the younger generation are heading into the industry with a wealth of knowledge but above all, are safe and confident.

Ignite Single & Double Staff

Our 1st fire shows for a major event didn’t come until July and was presented at Killarney Bonfire night and Sandstone Point Bonfire Night. In August we started performing at weddings, small weddings but we were getting booked. We performed at a couple of corporate events and things started to look up. It wasn’t until October that the major events started again, and boy did we have some material to share. Buskers by the Creek saw another floating halfpipe on the lake and Energy Entertainments closed both days of the festival, setting a light skateboarders and BMX riders while sending fire bursts and sparks into the air. Keep an eye out for this festival because it has over 300 acts and 16 stages over the weekend. In 2022 the festival will take place in August.

Buskers By The Lake

By November Energy Entertainments was in full swing with Christmas parties, religious celebrations and private events, and it hasn’t stopped. The crew is growing, and the shows are flowing, we couldn’t be happier and 2022 has seen booking numbers like before 2020. We are back and it’s thanks to all of the love and support given to us by our followers and the heroic event organisers driven to keep people and communities entertained.

Life is short so make things happen.

And that was our covid story.

Neal Webb

Director of Energy Entertainments

Our latest promotion video of our shows

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