Podcast With The Magic Guys

Podcast with the magic guys – Fire Master Neal Webb Hangs Out With The Magic Guys LIVE #143 Talking gig stories, magic and fire.

I had the pleasure of joining @themagicguysshow to talk all things performance and of course Fire 
Go and check out their socials to get some knowledge about showmanship, gig stories, what went wrong and of course lots of magic.
Visit their YouTube channel to watch this full podcast, and all of the other amazing episodes they have streamed.
Thanks for having me guys, keep talking and dropping knowledge, it’s so important.Enter your text here...

Fire and Magic Podcast

Neal Webb is an expert in captivating audiences with the art of fire, discussing the artistry, skill, and sheer adrenaline that come with his fiery displays. From the origins of his passion to the safety measures that underpin this thrilling art, Neal Webb shares the secrets behind the mesmerizing dance of flames that has enthralled audiences worldwide.

Join us for a scorching conversation that will ignite your curiosity and fascination with the daring world of fire entertainment.Follow Neal!Website: https://www.energyentertainments.com.au/Instagram:   / energyentertainments  FB:   / energyentertainments  

Energy Fire

Get Your Merch At: https://www.themagicguysshow.com/The Podcast where Professional Magicians, Josh Norbido, Doug Conn & Nick Kay take on the important questions of life (Mainly from our youtube subscribers) and deliver answers from a Magicians point of view. Come hang out with us while we chat about our lives as Magicians and the ups and downs that go with it.Learn More About Nick Kay at https://nickkaymagic.com/Learn More About Josh Norbido at https://www.joshnorbido.comLearn More About Doug Conn at https://www.connjure.comBe social with the show here:   / themagicguysshow    / themagicguysshow   Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard: https://streamyard.com/pal/d/56422678...

Thanks for having me.....

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