Reality TV shows

Reality TV shows, do they help your business? 


In Energy Entertainments case they did not! Here’s why;


While in the UK I found this TV magazine and thought it was about time for a rant! 
What a shambles this was. If your thinking of going on Britain’s Got Talent or Australians Got Talent…. don’t!

After Adam and I made it through to the filmed audition in Wales we made it onto the stage to perform in front of 3000 people, 3 judges and a lot of cameras. We had prepped our equipment, spun off any excess fuel outside, set the equipment on fire and signalled to queue music……… They played the wrong song! 3000 people waiting, a nightmare to start again and prep everything so we carried on with our performance to different music. Once we had finished the place erupted, 3 yes’s a standing ovation by the crowd and a ticket to the finals.
2 days before the finals I received a phone call informing us we did not make it to the finals for technical reasons but he (man from BGT) was not in a position to inform me why? 
After flying back from Portugal twice for auditions and interviews where Gabs and I were staying at the time we only gained this photo of us on a TV magazine but we didn’t even appear on TV and gained no advertisement from them. The whole organisation was a shambles! Kids on internships trying to organise people, people walking around like lost souls and the most unorganised experience I have ever had in the entertainments industry and thats saying something! 

If you have a really upsetting story and the producers can play on it with the views then you might have a chance, but for raw talent keep producing videos and pictures and putting them out there. 

Rant over!

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