Body Flow Workshops by Energy Entertainments

Energy Entertainments offer a variety of active ‘Body Flow’ Workshops


What is a Body Flow Workshop?

Body Flow Workshops concentrates on cognitive movement training while having fun. Combining martial arts, movement, yoga, circus games and activities Body Flow has created a fully functional workshop that focuses on mind and body awareness, reactions, balance and hand to eye coordination. Using the body, balls, batons and poi the workshop will cover a wide range of exercises and skills to keep you and the team stimulated throughout.


Body Flow Team Building Workshops

Focussed on fun cognitive movement training and team building activities.

Our aim is to build confidence within the team, stimulate and relax the mind, activate the body and switch on both sides of the brain while constructing team building tasks, formulating problem-solving activities and playing fun group games to build stronger relationships. We also want to teach the group about the core aspects of being a team and how to work together in the most productive way possible, to push their company forward and be the best they can be. Please take a look at our highlights video below.



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Body Flow Children’s Active Workshops

Our vision is to keep children active, fit and healthy while playing games and having fun.

We offer classes and workshops for all ages and levels in Juggling, Baton Twirling, Poi and Martial Arts. Our mission is to improve children’s reflexes, agility, flexibility, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills while having fun. The equipment used will also sharpen their focus and concentration while strengthening core muscles to improve their postures and cognitive ability.


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Body Flow Tai Chi Workshops  

We can guarantee a fun and educational experience into the world of Tai Chi that the students will keep for a lifetime.

Tai chi workshops


What’s involved?

Body Flow Tai Chi workshops start with Tai Chi warm-ups focused on relaxation and posture alignment.

After finding one’s centre and root, the class will begin ‘Qigong’ style breathing exercises and ‘Silk Reeling’ to focus on the body moving in unison.

The workshop will also involve ‘Pushing Hands’ or ‘Tuishou’. This is a great game for practising Tai Chi techniques. It is the gateway to experimentally understand the martial aspects of internal martial arts and is lots of fun.

Body Flow Tai Chi workshops are available throughout Australia for corporate clients at conferences and seminars, university and schools, after-school clubs and private clients.

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Kung Fu Workouts and Body Flow Training

External and internal one-on-one martial arts training focusing on strength and agility while staying relaxed but focussed.

Kung fu

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Elements Workshop – A combination of fun activities involving Circus, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Hula Hoop, Dance, Handstands and Flow Arts.

Any number of workshop leaders available for a full day of fun and active learning.


Elements workshop

Energy Entertainments wants each workshop member to stay active, positive and healthy way. We care about the physical and mental well being each person and are here to have fun. Get in touch and see how we can help stimulate your body and mind.

Available to travel Nationally and Worldwide – Gold Coast | Brisbane | Byron Bay | Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Singapore | UK | Spain.

10 professional workshop leaders available.

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