Travelling Interstate to Present Wow-Factor Fire Shows for Council Events, Corporate Clients, and Extravagant Weddings

Wow-Factor Fire Shows

It was certainly a busy start to the year 2023 presenting Wow-Factor Fire Shows which we are very grateful for after the past 2 years.

Energy Entertainments have been Travelling Interstate performing for Major Council Events, Extravagant Weddings, and Corporate Welcome Dinners in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and the Hunter Valley Region.

Travelling with fire equipment is not easy, the fuel and safety equipment all need to be posted and hired as none of this is allowed on any aircrafts.

The logistics are time consuming, but we love what we do and we know it's entertaining, so let's get it done and put smiles on faces.

Here are some recent destinations Martial Fire has visited to present a wow-factor show

Bankstown, Sydney NSW – Major Events Bankstown Council

It all started with the Chinese Lunar New Year festival in Bankstown Sydney. We were invited by the Bankstown council to present our Martial Fire Show for the people of Bankstown and wow what an experience.

We felt like we were in Asia, the food, the smells, the people, even the entertainment was all Asian themed. 

My favourite entertainer was the Chinese Wonder Man who specialised in examples of Chi. He broke certain objects and then stood on 4 eggs, laid on their side! without cracking them? and then ate the 4 x raw eggs to prove they were real.

The event was perfect for our Martial Arts fire show which involves Chinese Kung Fu and various Chinese weapons on fire. We were the main finale act, and it was well received by everyone in the audience, young and old. 

Chinese wow-factor entertainment is available Nationwide for any event or celebration.

How it was done?

For the Chinese Luna New Year event in Sydney, I drove down the coast over 5 days sight-seeing and surfing at various breaks along the way. I carried the fuel used for the show which is a hydrocarbon solvent with a lower odour in comparison to white spirits and kerosene. None of which cannot be taken on an aeroplane.

Isopar G is the safest fuel to use for any fire shows indoors or out. I also carried the equipment and fire extinguishers as they also, cannot be carried on any flights. Bryce, the other performer flew down from the Gold Coast and we met at the airport.

We ate well, stretched our bodies and rehearsed the show that day. We wanted to be ready to put on the 1st 'Martial Fire' show of the year.... wow did we start the year off with a bang! 

The crowd went wild and the event organisers were blown away, they thanked us for such an amazing end to such a great event.

Next up was an extravagant wedding in Melbourne

Acacia Ridge Winery, Melbourne, VIC – Wedding Show

Our 2nd interstate show of the year, this time to present Martial Fire for a wedding held at the beautiful event space, Acacia Ridge Winery. Energy Entertainments have around 12 different shows which can be found on our FIRE SHOWS page here.

Martial Fire is our most popular wedding show. It’s fast, it’s exciting and can include a giant flaming heart, just married fire signs and a finale of sparks. It’s perfect if the venue cannot have fireworks.

Wedding Fireworks

How it was achieved?

The wedding couple arrived in a helicopter, but we were not so lucky. We arrived in a bright yellow i30 rental car. After checking into our bright yellow hotel we headed to the venue.

We had already posted the fuel for the show with a dangerous goods company down to the winery weeks in advance to be safe and took our equipment via oversized air-tight baggage with us on the flight. 

Once we arrived the show was pushed back by 30 minutes as speeches took a little longer than expected. It’s rare this is not the case at weddings, especially as we are usually after the speeches. By the time we were ready to present Martial Fire, the sun had set, and the wind had dropped. And we did what we do best... entertain with fire.

The wedding couple were over the moon with the show and the finale. They couldn’t thank us enough for making their day extra special. I do love weddings; everyone is so happy and ready to celebrate.

Check out our WEDDING PAGE here with more information.

Next Up was the Gold Coast QLD

Dreamworld - Tip The Talent - An Event Collaboration

Martial Fire was on home turf Dreamworld, Gold Coast, QLD and ready to present a whole new street show to the Gold Coast residents and visitors. Energy Entertainments had been organising the event in collaboration with Dreamworld Night Markets where Energy Entertainments organised 24 performances over 2 nights, over 4 stages.

The weather was perfect, and the event was a full success. All of Energy Entertainments performers presented an unforgettable show to a thriving Gold Coast audience who couldn’t soak up enough entertainment if they tried.

The team presented: Circus Shows, Stunt Shows, Fire Shows, Magic Shows, Japanese drumming, Beat Boxing, Cyr Wheel, Magicians, Musicians, Bands and more.

The whole weekend was rocking and Energy Entertainments - Martial Fire 1st ever street show was a roaring success.

We mostly focused on whip cracking and presented our freestyler routine and sword battle. To finish it off Bryce presented a backflip while fire-breathing. You can check out the video below.

Next up was the Hunter Valley NSW

Circa 1876, Hunter Valley, NSW – Motorola Solutions

What a stunning location to hold a corporate event or wedding. The staff at Circa 1876 restaurant were amazing to deal with, very hospitable and very accommodating throughout, plus the food was amazing. The staff collected our fuel, which was posted weeks before and once the guests arrived it was showtime.

Event location

We asked the guests to join us in the garden where we had pre-set our equipment and PA System.

I introduced us both and what the name of the show was they were about to witness. The atmosphere was quiet which was perfect. Martial Fire builds and builds in intensity throughout the show and by the time our finale came around there were hoots and applause coming from all angles. I love to see how an audience can change.

We were invited to one of the rooms in the restaurant to eat, we heard the buzzing atmosphere of the room talking about the show and how they have never seen anything like it before. “We’ve seen fire shows, but that was next level” we heard from one guest.

Perfect, our job was complete. We had lifted the energy of the event and gave the guests of Motorola Solutions something special and unique to remember from that night. That's our aim on every show.


Each show above, and on every show worldwide we have only received positive feedback and praise from the brides, the event organisers and everyone who has witnessed our show. 

To add high-impact entertainment to your next event get in touch today here. 

We can fly nationally and internationally on request. It’s just logistics and we can take care of the process to make your event stand out from the rest.

Energy Fire

We also offer Team-Building workshops in whip-cracking, martial arts, weapons, tai chi and self-defence.

Check out our Team Building Page Here

Thanks for reading, stay active and enjoy the process

Written by Neal Webb, Director of Energy Entertainments

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