“Mesmerizing Fire Twirling on the Gold Coast: A Blend of Art and Entertainment”

"Mesmerizing Fire Twirling on the Gold Coast: A Spectacular Blend of Art and Entertainment"


The Gold Coast fire dancing scene is alive and ignited, it’s as vibrant now as it was when I first arrived in 2012. "Mesmerizing fire twirling on the Gold Coast has a spectacular blend of art and entertainment to it. There are fully choreographed shows in any style or theme you can imagine. If you can’t find the theme you’re looking for, Energy can create the show, the music and the costumes, but we are not the only ones. If you are looking for fantastic plastic models holding fire or a tribal fire roots emersion, the Gold Coast has it all.

Fire Jams at Burleigh Heads

Burliegh Heads on the Gold Coast hosts a gathering every Sunday, late afternoon at Justins Park, Burliegh, GC. Here you’ll find a mixing pot of humans expressing themselves in all shapes and rhythms. Slacklines take out anyone in a rush while the slightly out of whack beats that echo’s from the drum circle is enough to confuse anyone. But! often throughout the night the magic happens, the beats match in chorus and everyone is present in their moment, either dancing with fire, hula hooping, dragon palm spinning, slacklining, juggling, partner acrobatics and so much more, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at that moment.

Who Dances with fire? 

Gold Coast dance schools are teaming up with talent agencies and offering specialised fire dance routines by professional dancers holding fire props. There are also companies that have the most glamourous and vibrant costumes that perform with fire, not the safest option at times but still spectacular to watch for guests. Other companies on the Gold Coast are offing large fire shows with theatre like productions and storylines. My company Energy Entertainments has created large scale fire shows for the Gold Coast Commonwealth games, major suburb council funded events, festivals, weddings, religious celebrations, private house parties and any other celebrations that could do with a lift of energy. There really is no limitation on what can be created, and the Gold Coast has it all.

This mixing pot of creativity keeps the fire entertainment world on the Gold Coast relative and in the eye of the tourists who visit. If you are visiting and looking for some fire entertainment on the GC, you’ll be in luck, finding a mesmerizing fire show that has become a cultural significance and is now a unique attraction this city has to offer. Unless you’re busking but that’s a different story.

The Art of Fire Twirling

I started a documentary series called ‘Heart of Fire’ a few years back where I’m trying to find the origins of fire celebration, how and why each culture celebrates fire in their own way. You can check Episode 1 Polynesian Warriors out on our Gallery Page Here. The art of fire twirling really is in the hand of the artist wielding the flame, and there are more people than ever before taking to the art of fire. If you are looking for a fire performance, make sure you hire a professional who highlights all safety measures and can create a captivating display as well as securing a safe experience.

There are many different styles of fire twirling, and no flame will burn twice. Much like the waves you’ll ride, there will never be the same wave hitting the line-up again. Each fire performance is different, and each show is only as good as its audience watching. There are so many techniques used in fire twirling and so many different pieces of equipment to move with; poi’s, sticks, dragons, hula hoops, palms, swords, umbrellas, clubs and the list goes on.

Gold Coast Venues

Gold Coast venues offering fire twirling performances are becoming more popular than ever. Venues such as Dreamworld Night Markets, Burleigh Tavern, HOTA, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove, Miami Marketta, The Star Casino, The Dust Temple, Avalon, Cali Beach, QT Gold Coast and so many more are presenting shows involving fire. Private celebrations in different accommodations and local resident homes around the Gold Coast are hiring fire shows for all sorts of occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements, openings, music events, baby shower, hens, bucks, it’s Christmas, and just why not! It’s mesmerizing, its extremely entertaining, it’s edgy and correctly performed, its breathtaking.

Wherever you’re staying on the Gold Coast we’ll have a show that works in your space and wows you and your guests. For a list of Energy shows jump onto this blog for up-and-coming public performances.

Safety Precautions Before Booking 

Safety precautions will have to be met for every performance. A risk assessment will need to be made to validate the insurance used. When performing on public land a permit will need to be granted by the Gold Coast Council. Once approved a clearly marked space will need to be set up and the correct distances between the show and the audience put into place. A fire extinguisher and fire blanket must be always present, along with a closable lidded metal pot. If your performer does not have any of the above, I would highly recommend finding a company that can present a safe but exhilarating show.

Do you have the fire in your belly to try fire manipulation? Send us a message as we love teaching people the art of fire, how to relax, ground and be safe. Check out our workshop pages for Corporate Team Building & Active Children's Development Workshops.

If you are looking to hire a fire performer/display, Energy Entertainments are happy to consult and discuss the options that are available.  

Thank you reading this article, if you found it interesting, please share on your social media platforms. Have a great week, stay active and stay sharpe. 

Neal Webb

Director of Energy Entertainments

Gold Coast Fire Twirling

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