Need help choosing a theme for your event?

Choosing a theme for your event can be difficult, there are so many options.

Need help choosing a theme for your event? This article will help you work out what options are available, choose a theme based on your guests and what entertainment you should hire for each theme.

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We’ve worked in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years and have performed and organised entertainment in a variety of themed events worldwide. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. The main objective is to work out how guests can have the best night of their lives which they’ll remember for a lifetime…. If you get it right.

Questions to ask yourself when starting the planning

What is the main reason for your event and what is the overall goal?  

To have a good old-fashioned celebration? Bring people together to connect and build relationships. To make money or gain sponsorship deals? To share knowledge and gain insight into a particular topic? Or, if you have money to spend, an event is a great way to bring people together while spending an unlimited amount of money. The latter is always fun.  

What kind of people are attending your event?

If you choose an upbeat colourful Carnival theme and want your guests to get into the spirit and go all out with costumes, but your guests are not the dress-up colourful type, this could hinder the atmosphere from the start. Choose your theme by knowing your guests.

How many people are helping to organise the event?

Is the theme just the entertainment or is the whole event themed? From décor, food, guest costuming, music etc? Depending on how many helpers you have will depend on what theme to choose. Some events keep the theming subtle; the entertainers and the table decorations/colours are the only themes. Some go all out, and everything is themed down to the food that’s presented.

How much time do I have?

The longer timeframe you have the better. What’s the best venue for your event and how far in advance do you have to book it? The sooner you book the entertainment the better the entertainers you’ll find. If you need to buy theming products, the sooner you organise this the cheaper you’ll find them. And the list goes on, but timing is critical.  

Need help choosing a theme for your event?
Carnival Samba Dancers

Below is a quick choice of themes for your event and later in this article, we will break down each theme in more detail.

James Bond Theme – Smart, stylish, elegant, casino

Fire & Ice Theme – The opposites attracted

Masquerade Ball – Ballroom gala cocktail masked event

Circus Theme – The Greatest Showman, an old-school circus

1920s Gatsby Theme – Elegant, classy, upbeat and fun

Under The Sea Theme – What’s under the sea, costuming and food.

Carnival Theme – Fun, vibrant and colourful

Tribal Theme – Drums and Fire

Medieval Theme – Vikings, Game of Thrones

LED Glow Theme – Bright and colourful

Day of the Dead Themed – Skeletons and evil but extremely fun

Themes in more detail

James Bond Theme – 007 bond-themed events are smart and sophisticated. A casino would be a good venue location or hire in some roulette, blackjack, poker, and casino tables at a venue of your choice. In the past, we have provided acrobatic bond girls with giant champagne glasses and serving drinks along with main stage dance shows and roving magicians. We provided a 3-person dance adagio act in Caloundra RSL, Sunshine Coast QLD and received some amazing feedback.

Testimonial: I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING the performance was! The show you put on was just incredible and such a highlight of the night! We couldn’t praise the team enough. It was exceptional!


Fire & Ice Theme – Fire entertainment is a must; main stage high-energy fire shows with character-roving fire performers create a warm atmosphere for the guests. For the ice side of the event, we have provided ice white stilt walkers with LED wings welcoming the guests on arrival and then interacting with the guests while moving through the event space. An ice carver/sculpture is always a great addition to the event and a fascinating live act. The last fire and ice-themed event we entertained was for a private event in Eagle Hawk Neck, Tasmania.

Ice sculpture of Trevor the dog

Masquerade Ball – A professional dance group with uplifting music is always a crowd pleaser and by wearing a mask and the costume looking elegant the theme is achieved. Masquerade balls are a great theme where all guests can get involved with minimal effort. In the past Energy Entertainments has provided hand-balancing acts, Lyra and silk aerial shows along with a dance couple who encouraged the guests to dance with them. The last masquerade ball we supplied entertainment to, was ‘A Higher Branch Success Factory’ in Sydney NSW.


Circus Theme – With the Greatest Showman doing so well in the cinema’s circus themed events have certainly become popular. If you are looking to entertain your guests with lots of entertainment this is a great theme to have some fun with. I would suggest pop-up circus acts throughout the event to keep the guests on the edge of their seats. Energy Entertainments have the Elements Circus Show which can be split up into individual acts and roving entertainment.

Circus Themed Shows

1920’s Gatsby Theme – This elegant and classy theme is extremely fun. People like to get dressed up for the evening and a 1920’s Gatsby party is a great excuse to pull out the best suits and cocktail dresses from the wardrobe. Before Covid this theme was very popular, so we created a duo fire show to 1920s Gatsby music. It’s still one of my favourite themes. There are lots of different dances that fit this theme from flappers to Can-can and having these shows on stage is a great addition to any Gatsby-themed event.

1920s Gatsby
1920s Gatsby Entertainers

Under The Sea Theme – This theme is for the guests you know are happy to dress up and have some fun. The food is easy, seafood works well. The venue is easy to choose, somewhere next to the water. The entertainment we’ve provided for these events has been mermaids swimming in either the pool or resting next to the water looking fabulous. Depending on the budget of the event we have a high-diving tank that can be transported anywhere in the world. Mermaids aka free divers will create shows inside the tank throughout the event while seabird stilt-walking characters mingle through the guests.

Roving character Entertainment
Mermaid Characters

Carnival Theme – This theme is all about colour and fun. Latin dancers dressed in flamboyant feathers entertain the guests while a Latin band keeps the vibe of the event upbeat and exciting. The last event we performed a Carnival theme was at MovieWorld on Gold Coast for a corporate client. Of course, we created a Latin fire show we’ve used for different major events Australia-wide.

Carnival themed entertainers
Carnival Themed Performers

Medieval Theme – Getting back to basics and ditching mobile phones. No watches, no cameras no technology. Seems like a thing of the past, but people love it. Jesters entertain by juggling and breathing fire, long tables with basic food laid out and big jugs of drinks all add to the theme. Fire pits, sword fighting, jousting, archery and more are just a few options for the guests can watch and have a go. Think Vikings and Game of Thrones and you’ve got yourself a fun-themed event.

Medieval Theme
Game of Thrones Theme

LED Glow Theme – Light and colourful with lots of bright entertainment. By using black lights and LED even guests wearing white will shine. The entertainment we provide for Glow LED shows are partner duo acts, glow jugglers and LED aerial acts.

LED Robot Performer

Tribal Theme – The best entertainment would be tribal fire dancers and live drumming. Indigenous costuming for warmer climates and less clothing. It’s important to know the temperature of the event and if you’re choosing an outdoor or indoor event. If the event is being held outdoors in a cold climate a tribal-themed event is not suggested. Unless you’ve had Wim Hoff as a guest speaker.

Tribal Themed
Tribal Themed Shows

Whatever theme you choose, we can help find the entertainment to make your event stand out. If you don’t use Energy Entertainment make sure your acts are at the top of their game. The earlier you book the better the entertainers. It’s great to see events back in full swing and I hope you put your heart into your next event and bring that joy and happiness back to your guests, you all deserve a good celebration.

Need help choosing a theme for your event? I would be more than happy to help. Feel free to visit our Contact Page or give me a call on 0423 364 207.

Best of luck and enjoy the process.

Neal Webb

Energy Entertainments






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