What keeps our passion burning bright

What keeps our passion burning bright?

Energy Entertainments have performed fire shows all over the world for over 10 years.  

So what has kept this passion for fire entertainment burning for so long?

  •  Fire performance allows a person to express him or herself.

  • Dancing with fire creates a space to be focused, connecting body and mind.

  • Having a passion to learn more external movements like dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics etc will all add to a greater practice and performance.  

  • To master certain tricks and techniques a need to stay flexible and strong is essential.

  • Focus and awareness needs to be sharp when becoming a professional performer.

  • It has an element of danger that keeps the adrenaline pumping and satisfies the craving for extreme.

  • To watch people be entertained and amazed. 

  • To be appreciated for the skill that took so long to master.

  • The ability to play with such a dangerous element is obsessive.

  • The shock on people faces that have never seen fire played with before.

  • A satisfied client that knew all their guests had an amazing time watching the show and that everyone in the room from all ages and cultures was entertained. 

  • Staying creative by blending music and movement together.

  • Performing with other artists from so many other fields of life to create a unique piece of art. 

  • Teaching what you have learnt to keep an active lifestyle for others.

  • Connecting people together to create shows, workshops, events and generally having a great time while staying creative!


There are so many reasons why this passion is still burning bright, but you and every other person that loves to watch our fire shows continues to inspire Energy Entertainments to create, perform, teach and encourage others. For this I can not thank you enough.


My first fire show was in Byron Bay in 2003. From there fire and practice became an everyday part of life, 11 years later and the passion still burns bright. Energy Entertainments are creating fire performances for 5 star venues and events to children’s birthday parties all over the world. Every fire show contains 100% effort and a chance to inspire people to go for what they love and believe in, no matter how out of the norm it may be.   


Currently performing in Europe at weddings, corporate events, clubs and in music videos, I’m looking forward to performing back on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and around the East Coast in August and September. First stop fire twirling at the Dust Temple in Currumbin, then a fire show for a wedding in Burleigh, Fire performance at Kingscliff night markets, poi and staff workshops at Swell Sculpture Festival, creating a tribal fire show for the closing party, flying to Karratha to fire dance for Red Earth Arts Festival and down to Coffs Harbour to entertain at the Comedy and Busking Festival.


I hope I get the chance to entertain you along the way. Stay safe, be happy and never give up on what you believe in. Live Life To The Full!




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